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Together for success

Going a new way always means change in our lives. Walking this path together with others who have the same goal gives significantly more security and confidence. Use the power of our community.

Security and trust through similarities

Loneliness – no feedback – no experienced contact persons – all these are the challenges of a private trader, which makes it quite difficult to start with trading.

The community offers exactly the perfect conditions to remedy this situation. Experienced traders, daily common trading and humanity make trading here a pleasant experience. Our slogan: Let´s do it together!

If you are looking for people who pursue similar goals as you, then welcome to the DowHow community.

Your advantages


Daily live webinars to educate and deepen your trading knowledge.


All webinars are recorded and available in the archive.

live trading

Daily market meetings, analysis and joint trades are in focus.

Daily motivation

Emotions off - Mindset on! With the right mindset you trade detached from emotions and great fear. A deep understanding of cause and effect helps to understand and control emotions.


Grow beyond yourself! Through personal development you will be able to trade profitably in the long run.

Trading Signals

With our worldwide unique DowHow App you will never miss a signal or adjustment again. News, coaching aspects bundled in our revolutionary app!!!

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