The DH Community for your trading success

Going to a new path always means change in our lives. Walking this path together with others who have the same goal gives significantly more security and confidence. Use the power of our community.

Our DowHow Community uses its own protected area in TradersYard

The challenges of a private trader, such as loneliness and a lack of feedback on your own trading, make it particularly difficult to get started with trading.

The community offers exactly the right framework to remedy this. Experienced traders, daily joint trading and humanity make trading here a pleasant experience.

Our motto is: Together and not against each other.

Automatically generated trading signals

The automated signal generator provides you with daily, automatically generated trading signals/ideas of very good quality and without any costs. This service is truly unique. You can call up the asset directly in Tradersyard via Tradingview and trade it by yourself when you want to.

New analyses, events and signals daily in the TradersYard Community Hub

TradersYard offers a variety of other services via the general Community Hub. This provides you with daily information from top authors, publications, upcoming events and the latest signals.

For aspiring traders

Your advantages in the DowHow Community

Live Webinars

Three times a week you get a live webinar on what I consider to be the most important topics in trading.


All webinars are recorded and are permanently available to you via our archive.

Daily Trading

Daily market reports, analyses and group trading are the main focus.

DowHow App

With our worldwide unique DowHow app, you’ll never miss a signal or news again. 

Daily Motivation

With an adapted mindset, you act detached from emotions and the haunting uncertainty.

Personal development

Your personal development is also at the centre of the community.

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