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This is what makes our trading

A solid foundation, proven strategies and deep market knowledge

Trend following

We rely on a strategy that the world’s most successful hedge funds use to trade extremely successfully.

Market understanding

We build on a logical understanding of the market so you understand the purpose of the market and how it works.


Trading triggers a multitude of emotions in us. We teach you how to fully control your emotions in trading.

I'm Markus Gabel

Asset Manager, Trading Mentor & Speaker

DowHow Trading stands for replicability, sustainability, and the highest quality.

Since 2016, we have trained our traders based on these principles and have successfully guided over 1,000 traders to trading success.

Markus is a trained asset manager certified by the IHK Frankfurt and is an asset manager at Born, Stahlberg & Partner GmbH.

Our method of logical trading and trend following is not only suitable for trading in the private sector but especially achieves outstanding results in the wholesale sector with seven-figure accounts.

Since 2022, Markus has been a certified trader on, an international trading platform. There, Markus teaches trading with logic to a community of over 10 million traders worldwide on a weekly basis.