The complete Trading Education for your success​

Trading with Logic teaches you the skills of a professional, private trader that are needed to profit even in difficult market phases.

Big money always takes advantage of the inexperience of most traders who believe they can beat the market without a plan or a set of rules.

Markus Gabel

Expert in trading, professional trader, trading mentor, asset manager and founder of DowHow Trading with a clear mission

Thanks to the education of my great mentors, in over 25 years in trading I was able to build up the knowledge so necessary to make money consistently and sustainably with trading.

These skills have changed my life fundamentally and have given me the opportunity to shape my own life the way I want to.

In turbulent times like these, trading can give you the financial and local freedom I have always wanted.

In my opinion, there are still too many people who lose their hard-earned money in the trading.

My mission is, to pass on the necessary knowledge to anyone who wants to make a difference in this world and change their own lives. For this reason, I want to make it possible for every trader to have a trading system that promises continuous profits in trading, even in difficult times.

The success stories from the past two years show that anyone can be successful in trading with the right tools.

Markus Gabel

Founder of DowHow Trading

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Live Trading Community

The challenges of a private trader, such as loneliness and a lack of feedback on your own trading, make it particularly difficult to get started with trading.

The community offers exactly the right framework to remedy this. Experienced traders, daily joint trading and humanity make trading here a pleasant experience.

Our motto is: Together and not against each other.